Save hours on the ShipStation equation with GetUShipped!

GetUShipped is the best integration between Infusionsoft and ShipStation that saves you hours of tedious (and expensive) order-fulfillment time.

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Hello, free time.Goodbye, errors!

With GetUShipped, e-commerce orders are delivered directly from your Infusionsoft application into ShipStation, along with the customer’s name, email address, phone, address, and order details. Say goodbye to the days of inputting all that info by hand (and the embarrassing errors that come with it).

Keeps contactrecords current

GetUShipped updates tracking and shipping information via custom field so the contact record only shows the most current shipping information, as well as a historical record of all past orders.

Order form and shoppingcart compatible

GetuShipped effortlessly delivers orders placed through Infusionsoft order forms or Infusionsoft online shopping cart to ShipStation.